Short And Spiky Bold Alternative Hairstyle With Red Hair Color

Added: 10 Nov 2010
Big and bold is what this look is all about, and this short alternative hairstyle can handle the hottest weather conditions, which is always a winner. The beauty of this cut is that it can easily be styled in various ways: by pairing it with with messy bangs and a center part, or keeping it up in a spiky and effortless look!

Our dazzling model is simply making us fall in love with her beautiful short straight hairstyle. We adore the razor-cut jagged layers, especially when they are color-coordinated and compliment their facial features. The red hair color complements the model's facial features, and this style is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. For the hair styling, jagged or razor-cut layers all over allows this hairstyle to sit high, out, and flat all at the same time. This short hairstyle is a very good option for people who have round and oval face shapes. This style can be easily paired with any kind of blouse or t-shirt, as well as casual pants with a high waist. This hairstyle also looks amazing on women with medium to thick hair density. Add dimension to your everyday style with this low-maintenance, yet flattering hairstyle. It will create a body and texture that makes it easy to achieve any length of hair!

This hairstyle is suited for most face shapes. It is easy to maintain and long-lasting. You can maintain this beautiful hairstyle in its shape with regular trims after every four to six weeks. It looks stylish, modern, and very classy. Use your fingers to direct your hair into place and allow your products to dry naturally. Products with a strong hold will keep this look in place in any weather conditions.

Visual Story

Short And Spiky Bold Alternative Hairstyle With Red Hair Color- Visual Story

Hairstyle Suitability Rating: ★★★★★
Hairstyle Popularity Rating: ★★★★★

Hairstyle Type

Hair Color

Haircut Technique



Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture

Under 21, 21 - 30, and 31 - 40

Forehead Height
Neck Length


30 minutes
Use your fingers to direct your hair into place and allow your products to dry naturally.
moulding cream, lacquer

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step 1

Apply moulding cream to your fingertips then gently rake through your bangs, sweeping the hair to the left as you go. Be careful not to use too much product as it can become sticky and clumpy.

step 2

Using a small amount of moulding cream, work it through the mid-lengths and ends in a downward motion. For added texture, pinch the ends as you go sparingly.

step 3

Using moulding cream and your fingers grab the mid-lengths of your hair and then drag it out and upwards for a full and messy result.

step 4

Apply some moulding cream to your fingertips and then rub it into your roots while lifting your strands for added body. Be sure not to use too much moulding cream at the roots as this can result in a glugy and thick uncomfortable feel.

step 5

Apply moulding cream to your fingertips, then grab a small section of hair and rub the moulding cream into the roots before twisting and pulling your hair upwards. For messier spikes, use a generous amount of moulding cream while twisting your hair in different directions.

step 6

Lacquer is great for strong hold. A small amount is all that is required to finish and should be applied from an arms length distance to the entire style.

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