It's prime time for weddings, elegant evening events and other fancy activities, so it’s high time we created another edition of up-do hairstyle ideas. Although the main trend on the red carpet lately has been to wear the hair down, there were some stellar up-dos that we just had to feature. So check these up-do hairstyles out and grab some style ideas!

Paula Abdul Medium Chocolate Brunette Updo hairstyle

Paula Abdul still knows how to rock the red carpet with an up-do, which is evident with this super cool hairstyle. Paula’s gorgeous cheekbone-length fringe is parted in the middle and elegantly swept to either side of the face creating a soft peek-a-boo effect. The rest of her hair is pulled up into a chic topknot that is slightly messy for a cool and edgy effect. This up-do will suit women with round, oval, heart, and triangular shaped faces who have a straight or wavy hair texture.

To get this look, start with a sleek and smooth blowout, styling your fringe a la Paula. Then create a ponytail at the crown of the head and secure it. Put a sock or bun ring at the base of the ponytail and spread the hair around it, wrapping the lengths and ends in a circular motion, then secure with another elastic. Leave this hairstyle loose for that “effortlessly cool” look.

Anna Camp Blonde Updo Hairstyle

Here, Anna Camp is looking seriously glam in a voluminous up-do. Her light blonde locks have been teased at the top to create maximum volume while the rest of the hair has been tucked and pinned into a cute roll at the crown. This up-do will suit women with round, oval, heart, and triangular shaped faces the best. Those with a straight hair texture will have the most luck with this style as well. To get this look, tease the roots at the top of the head. Start from the hairline and working your way back, create a half ponytail and smooth the front portion back, but leave it loose to create a ‘bubble’ on the top of the head before securing it. Then pull the rest of the hair up and add it to the half ponytail using another hairband. Create a loop in the ponytail and secure it with pins, tucking the ends under. Finish it off with some hairspray and you are ready to go!

Melissa Ordway Light Champagne Blonde Updo Hairstyle

Finally, Melissa Ordway is flaunting a gorgeous summery up-do that is perfect for a fancy night out. This braided hairstyle will suit round, oval, heart, and triangular shaped faces the best, and can work on a variety of hair textures. To get this look, start by creating large waves or curls in the hair, leaving some tendrils out to frame the face. Create a ‘messy’ zig-zag part and then make two braids near the nape of the neck and secure the ends. Bring the braids up to the top of the head like a headband and secure them in place. If your hair isn’t long enough, you can also use a braided hairpiece to get this look too.