The Cut: Straight Short

Straight short hairstyle

This is a great style. The length is just short enough to create various different styles and the short layers that have been cut throughout this style will add volume and shape in all the right areas. The bangs have been left longer so that you can style them around your face more freely.



Short bridal hairstyle

For those after a bridal or more formal look, this styling option is perfect and is very easy to do. In this option, the bangs have been swept back and the soft layers have been shaped around the face. Loads of teasing around the back and side sections has also been added and is pretty much all you need to do to achieve this great look.


Without Bangs

Short hairstyle with no bangs

Taking away the bangs really makes a difference and will leave you with a soft and simple hairstyle. For this look, the layers have been styled down to create more of a professional "office" look and a side part has been used to add volume.


With Curls

Short curly hairstyle

With this option, the layers make for a great advantage. The curls add height and plenty of shape to the style and will be very easy and fun to re-create for people with naturally curly hair. If you don't have naturally curly hair, a simple flick with a curling iron is all you need to achieve this great styling option.


With Waves

Short wavy hairstyle

If you don't have curls, you can also achieve a great look with waves. This hairstyle is very quick and easy to achieve and is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair types. The soft layers of your cut will add volume and shape around your face, and a soft side parting is all you need to give your style a softer shape.