The Cut

Straight medium hairstyle

This creative cut is simple and very versatile. The length is set at a lovely medium level and the hair has been cut solid with shattered layers around the sides and back to give the style a little extra flair. This look features long bangs which have been softly shaped to help create a simple, easy-to-wear 'do.


Styled into an Upstyle

Bridal style

An elegant upstyle is the perfect look for a very formal night out on the town, and this style is a great example. A soft centre part has been used to create an even look all over and soft curls have been added and pinned up high. Tresses have been left to cascade down around the sides to create a stunning finish.


Without Bangs

Straight medium hairstyle without bangs

Taking bangs away can really make a difference. For this style, the layers have been used to create shape around the face and a casual side parting has been added to offer height on one side. This option will be easy to achieve for those with naturally straight hair and can also be achieved with a straightening iron.


With Curls

Curly medium hairstyle

Curls can be used to transform your locks and can be done with a little mousse and plenty of fluffing by those who have natural curls. If you don't, use a curling iron and lots of teasing to achieve the same style. To finish off this look, use your long bangs to shape your face.


With Waves

Wavy medium hairstyle

If you already have naturally wavy hair, all you need to do to achieve this look is add a little mousse and scrunch your locks. If you don't have naturally wavy hair, use a curling iron in large sections of your hair to re-create this style. Parting your hair down the centre will add even height to your top section and evenly parting your bangs will shape your face.