This month we have chosen to look at fine to medium hair types in a short length.

The Cut: Fine Texture Short Hairstyles

Short length bob haircut

This simple bob is a great look. The hair has been cut into a short, jaw-level bob and slight layers have been added through the wispy ends to create movement. To finish, the bangs have been side swept, which is a styling option that will add thickness and is especially good for fine hair.



Short bridal hairstyle

Who said people with short hair can't have fun? If you love a funky out there style, then this is the look for you! The hair has been teased, curled and flipped over to one side to create a full and sexy style.


Without Bangs

Short hairstyle with no bangs

If you love to keep it simple, tucking the bangs away will give this style an effortless elegant look but will still showcase the heavy layers perfectly.



Short curly hairstyle

With this cut, curls are quiet easy to achieve with the flick of a curling iron, or for those lucky people out there with naturally curly hair, a little product and a lot of scrunching is all you need to give your curls plenty of bounce. Don't forget to keep those bangs straight.



Short wavy hairstyle

This is a very funky wavy style that really shows off every inch of the layers and bangs. To achieve this style, use your curling iron all over without creating too much curl and then mess your hair to create this funky shape.