"Mod hairstyles" or "modern hairstyles": the terms probably make you think of the 60s and sleek bob hairstyles and the Beatles and skinny suits and stuff like that. And if you're the perceptive type, you might have noticed a bit of a mod revival recently; you might have seen some trendy people with super short micro bobs, razor sharp edges and bowl cuts. Heck, even Zac Efron's got a mod-inspired Beatles shag cut happening most of the time.

Beatles hairstyles

Mod hairstyles have been in again for a while. We're going to show you a few examples and give you a couple of tips so you can talk to your hairstylist about getting your own mod hairstyle.

Ashton Kutcher hairstyles

Ashton Kutcher: Mod Hairstyle


Mod Hairstyles: The 60s

Most sources say that mod fashion and mod hairstyles came out of 1960s London. Apparently, mods were reacting against both the conservative British culture of the time, the rocker culture of the 50s, and the 1960s hippy subculture.

So it makes sense that, in their reaction to the slicked-back rockabilly fashion of Elvis and co. and their loose long haired hippy cousins (picture Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider), mods chose a more streamlined neat and "sharp" appearance for their hair and clothes.

According to Wikipedia, male mods adopted a smooth and sophisticated look comprised of tailor-made suits, narrow lapels, thin ties, pointy shoes and the tidy hairstyles of French cinema actors. (Incidentally the Beatles- big mod identities- were also influenced by French New Wave cinema).

Female mods dressed androgynously yet still managed to push the limits of socially acceptable fashion by wearing excessively short skirts. Their hair was often short and they wore little or no makeup. Eventually, as mod fashion became more popular, Twiggy came to be the poster girl of the female mod.

Victoria Beckham hairstyles

Victoria Beckham: Mod Hairstyle


Katie Holmes hairstyles

Katie Holmes: Mod Hairstyle


Mod Hairstyles: Today

For the ladies, today's mod hairstyles are all about sleek shiny lengths, straight-across bangs and chin length bobs. Katie Holmes' short chin length bob hairstyle is definitely mod-inspired, as is Victoria Beckham's precision cut concave bob. If you try a mod hairstyle like one of these, you can accentuate your cut with a straightening iron and wet-look shine.

Salon short hairstyles

Mod Hairstyle


Our models are also wearing examples of mod-inspired hairstyles. Above is an asymmetrical bob hairstyle with angled bangs; sleek and smooth, it's graduated up to the crown for extra body. Below is an example of a shorter mod-inspired hairstyle: a sharp pixie hair cut. The back and sides are cut short for balance and to blend in seamlessly with the textured top layers.

Salon short hairstyles

Mod Hairstyle


Some versions of Zac Efron's signature mop hairstyle- and Ashton Kutcher's also- take their cue from 1960s mod hairstyles, particularly the Beatles' "mop top" or shag. In the example below Zac's hair was styled onto his forehead and his length was left to fall over his ears. Layers were also cut into the ends to add extra movement.

Zac Efron hairstyles

Zac Efron: Mod Hairstyle


Many hairstyles and hairstyle fashions recycle themselves, and mod hairstyles from the 1960s are no exception. There are varying degrees of retro mod hairstyles around today, and you're likely to see them anywhere from the catwalk to the movie screen. If you're after a new look I'm sure there's a mod hairstyle for you.