Here are some of the greatest hairstyles for black women. There have been many cool ‘dos on the red carpet, from long to short and straight to curly, there really is a look for everyone to rock. If you are searching for a new way to update your look, check out these hairstyles and see which one would be best for you.

Viola Davis Medium Straight Hairstyle.

Smooth and Sophisticated

Viola Davis starts off our list of the best hairstyles for black women with her sleek and chic bob. This hairstyle is simple and elegant yet provides a timeless style that will work with a variety of looks. This hairstyle is best suited for women with oval, oblong, square and diamond-shaped faces who have a straight hair texture. To get this look, ask your stylist for a medium length bob with a few longer layers throughout. Then style it up by first blow-drying the hair sleek and smooth and then setting it in large rollers. Comb through the curls after they have been set, sculpting them into this soft style and then spray to hold it in place. Viola’s colour is another stunning feature here as she flaunts a rich, warm chocolate brown shade that looks amazing with her complexion.


Nicole Mitchell Short Curly Hairstyle.

Nicole Mitchell is giving Halle Berry a run for her money here in this short, messy hairstyle that looks effortlessly chic and elegant. This cut will work best for women with a curly or wavy hair texture and a round, oval, heart, or triangular face shape. The sides and back are closely tapered into the head while the layers on top are left longer for more versatile styling. Nicole has added a cute side part in the front and combed the fringe area over to the side, but this hairstyle would also work well without a part or even with the fringe area worn forward on the forehead. Nicole’s rich espresso brown colour stands out as well, giving her hairstyle a luxurious, glossy finish.


Kelly Price Short Wavy Hairstyle.

Kelly Price shows off her fun and flamboyant Seventies-inspired hairstyle. This hairstyle will work well on women with oval, oblong, square, or diamond-shaped faces and a straight or wavy hair texture. This look is achieved by first making a deep side part and then sweeping the bangs over. Then, using a curling wand or iron, create spirals throughout the hair, flicking the ends away from the face. This curling effect gives the hairstyle that cool retro vibe. Next, we have to talk about the colour! Kelly’s black hair is apparent at the top but the ends are dip-dyed light blonde. This two-tone look is sure to turns heads wherever you go! If you want to try this two-tone colour effect, make sure you get a professional to do it as it’s not the easiest thing to pull off at home, especially if you want to go light blonde at the tips like Kelly.



Alfre Woodard Short Wavy Hairstyle.

Alfre Woodard is looking chic here in a voluminous layered ‘do. This is a sophisticated hairstyle that moves effortlessly from day to night and would suit women who like some versatility in their look. Alfre’s hair has been layered all over with a long side-swept fringe cut in, which provides even more styling options—wear it down on the forehead for a peek-a-boo effect or sweep it off to the side to show off your face. This hairstyle is best suited to women with oval, oblong, square and diamond shaped faces with medium to thick hair. To style it up, all that is needed is a round brush or rollers and a finishing product.


Viola Davis Short Curly Hairstyle.

Viola Davis rocked up to the red carpet in this eye-catching ‘do recently which turned heads for all the right reasons. Viola’s short curly ‘do is perfect for ladies who like to rock their natural afro hair for maximum effect. The sides and back are tapered in slightly with the top length left slightly longer. The shape of this ‘do works with the natural hair growth but it will need regular trims to maintain it. Ladies with oval, square and triangular face shapes will benefit from this hairstyle the most, as will women with medium to thick coarse hair.


Amanda Seales Short Curly Hairstyle.

This hairstyle was seen on the red carpet a few months ago but Amanda Seales’ curly layered ‘do deserves a repeat mention! Amanda’s hair has a great shape that compliments her oval face shape and brings all of the attention to her glowing face. This haircut will suit women with oval, oblong, square, and diamond shaped faces with a medium to coarse hair texture. It is also perfect for women who like wash and ‘go hairstyles—all this ‘do needs to look great is a great finishing product and of course, regular trims to keep the style in check. Amanda’s colour should also be noted here because it is fabulous! Her dark brown base looks fantastic with lighter caramel brown highlights throughout and is a must-try for women with a similar complexion to Amanda’s.


Montego Glover Short Straight Emo Hairstyle.

Finally, we have Montego Glover who was spotted rocking a chic short ‘do on the red carpet. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies with medium to thick hair that has been relaxed or straightened. Montego’s hair has been left longer and layered on the top, while the sides and back have been tapered in close to the head. Women with round, oval, heart, and triangular shaped faces will benefit most from this cool cut. It will also suit those who like low maintenance ‘dos that flow effortlessly from day to night. Monetgo is working her natural black hair colour here, which is a great match for this cut and gives it a striking finish.