Haircuts involve cutting your hair, while a hair style is basically the way you style or arrange your hair.

One Length Cut: Bob

Bob hairstyles

Blow-Dry for a Kicking-Out Hairstyle

 Salon hairstyles

There are 3 main kinds of haircuts: layered hair, razor cuts and one length cuts. Layered hair involves cutting the hair in variable lengths so as to create definition and volume. A razor cut is created when the hair is sliced with a cut throat style razor, and a one length cut is a haircut without layers (meaning the hair is a single and consistent length). To find out more about these haircuts check out our "New Hair Guide."

Hot Irons to Create Waves

Salon wavy hairstyles

Simple DIY Updo

Updo salon hairstyles

There are many different ways to style your hair, but some of the main ones are the following. For an easy makeover you can blow-dry your hair to create volume, or even to make your hair straight; you can use hair irons to create wicked waves and creative curls; style your hair into a gorgeous updo to complement your look; you can add some hair accessories like hair bands, clips and tiaras (or style your hair into a perfect ponytail); and don't forget you can change your hair color too (but make sure you follow our hair coloring tips)!

Now an important thing to remember is that although a hair style depends on a haircut, you don't always need to change your haircut to change your hair style. Have a look at our "Same Haircut Different Style" articles and see if any of the hairstyle ideas suit you; for example, if you've got fine texture and a short haircut, try styling your hair curly, wavy or without bangs. Or if you've got medium texture hair and a medium length haircut, try styling your hair up for something more formal. Also check out our hairstyling tips for medium length layered haircuts, as well as our "Same Haircut Different Color" articles.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to create a new look is to style your haircut differently. Styling is obviously less drastic than cutting your hair and might just be the change you're after.