Christina Aguilera has had quite the style transformation lately. After shedding a load of weight, she looks happier and healthier than ever, which is always a good look! At the recent American Music Awards, Christina rocked the red carpet in a cleavage-baring white dress, statement earrings and a simple curled hairstyle.

Although she looked fabulous, her two-tone blonde hair color didn't go unnoticed. Is she flaunting a new trend that we don't know about yet? Or is she simply due for a color refresh? In any case, this is a common problem that occurs when you bleach your hair - your roots are touched up and come a glorious white blonde, but the lengths and ends have turned a buttery yellow. So what's a girl (or guy) to do when you get the dreaded two-tone platinum blonde look?

Christina Aguilera Hairstyle

Color experts Schwarzkopf recommend the following tips to care for your bleached hair:

1. If you live in a sunny climate, don't leave home without applying a sun protectant cream. That's right - just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the rays of the sun. These can come in the form of a leave-in conditioner or a finishing spray. Some brands like Kerastase and L'Oreal have entire lines dedicated to sun protection, so you can use a shampoo and conditioner from these lines daily to really protect your hair from harmful UV rays.

2. Use a shampoo for grey or silver hair. These products are dark blue or purple in color and will take out any yellow tones if used consistently over time. If you have a two-tone blonde look going on, use a regular shampoo on your roots and then use the blue or purple shampoo on the lengths and ends. Let both the shampoo and conditioner sit on the lengths and ends for a while before you rinse it out for best results.

3. If you like to use natural home remedies then steep some lavender tea. Let it cool and then use it as a rinse for your hair. Chamomile is also a great option for removing yellow tones.

4. Without a doubt, you will need to apply a weekly intensive treatment to your lengths and ends if you bleach you hair and want it to have a uniform color. Dry, damaged or brittle hair will change the appearance of the color, so keep your lengths the same color as the roots by matching the texture. Obviously, the roots are much newer and have had less exposure so the ends will always been more damaged. But using a high quality hair treatment every week will help your hair get back to this stage. Try one that is specifically made for chemically processed hair. Even better, use a deep conditioner that has blue or purple pigments in it to moisturize and tone at the same time.

Of course, it goes without saying that regular trips to the salon for a color refresh is another way to keep your blonde hair looking fabulous. If you experience a two-tone blonde like Christina Aguilera, ask your stylist for an ash toner to be applied only to the yellow areas. And, don't forget to follow the points above to maintain your new shade at home.