It's always fun to see a celebrity make the dramatic change from brunette to blonde, or vice versa. A change of hair colour is the perfect way to completely change up their look, but there is always one shade that looks just that much better than the other. This depends on their skin tone, eye colour and their overall sense of style. Sometimes the new colour looks so good it could pass as their natural hue. Other times, well... let's just say the results aren't fantastic!

Now let's check out some recent blonde to brunette (or vice versa) hairstyles and see what works!

Kim Kardashian Long Straight Brunette Hairstyle
Kim Kardashian Long Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian stepped out looking surprisingly demure recently, without her excessive extensions and sporting a gorgeous dark brown hair colour. This rich warm brown hair colour is different from her usual cool jet-black shade and really suits her eye colour and complexion. On the other hand, prior to this Kim went blonde to lighten up her look (above). It's obvious that Kim suits her natural dark hair much better for many reasons. As a brunette, her skin glows with a natural sun-kissed look. However as a blonde, her hair clashes with her skin tone and she ends up looking pinkish-orange - not a good look! The blonde tresses also wash her face out and her stand-out features like her eyes and lips are diminished. Verdict: Points for team brunette!

Ashley Benson Medium Straight Blonde Hairstyle
Ashley Benson Half Up Long Curly Brunette Hairstyle

Ashley Benson was recently spotted on the red carpet looking lovely in a wavy bob with a center part. Not only was she bang on trend with this hairdo (that has been one of the most popular styles of 2014), but the ombre blonde colour looked fabulous on her too. Ashley has a fair complexion with golden undertones, so this buttery yellow shade is just perfect for her. On the right, we can see Ashley as a light brunette. The longer length and darker colour makes her almost unrecognizable, although just as stunning. Ashley chose a good shade of brunette for her skin tone and light blue eye color - it's not too cool or too dark. Overall, Ashley looks gorgeous in both hair colours. Verdict: It's a tie!

Nicky Whelan Short Straight Brunette Hairstyle
Nicky Whelan Medium Straight Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Nicky Whelan went to the dark side recently, as we can see from this recent photo. Her jagged bob looks super healthy and shiny in this espresso brown hair colour, and her blue eyes really pop! Nicky has a medium tanned skin tone so it does work with brunette hair, but in this case her particular colour is too cool for her complexion. A reddish brown would have worked much better here and not given her that pinky-orange skin tone (that we also saw on Kim K in her blonde 'do, above). Above, we see Nicky in her blonde tresses, which look much more natural on her. The light golden blonde shade works perfectly with her skin tone and eye colour, and her complexion has a more natural glow. Nicky could probably pull off brunette without a hitch, but only if it was a lighter, more golden shade. In this case, she's gone too far into the dark side. Verdict: Blonde for the win!