Minor Hairstyle Emergency #1

You're supposed to go out straight after work and you notice you have regrowth.

Simple Solution: Change your part so that it's not so straight. A zigzag part will work well to disguise the problem. If your regrowth is grey/white and you have dark to black hair, mascara is your new best friend!

Minor Hairstyle Emergency #2

The weather or the air conditioner has caused your shiny smooth locks to frizz out of control.

Simple Solution: Rub a small amount of moisturizer in your hands and apply it to the frizzy areas. Remember that less is more and that you don't want your hair to look oily.

Minor Hairstyle Emergency #3

You have an important date and you just realized that you have severe case of the greasies and it's too late to go home and shampoo your locks.

Simple Solution: If you have light to brown hair, try the baby powder trick. Sprinkle a little powder on the root area and brush it through. The powder will absorb the excess oil. If you have darker hair, blot the root area with facial tissues to absorb oil or slick the hair back in a ponytail with no part. That way, an oily scalp is not obvious.

Minor Hairstyle Emergency #4

You decided to give your bangs a much needed trim but got carried away and took too much off. Your bangs are now noticeably crooked.

Simple Solution: Dampen your bangs down and sweep them to the shortest side like side swept bangs. This will make them look like they are supposed to be that short. If you have a small barrette handy you can also use that to pin your bangs off your head. Remember that your bangs will grow back, so don't freak out too much.