We're mostly interested in hair at TheHairStyler.com and we're going to simplify things and look at the 6 biggest things not to do with your hair: Hair's Dirty (Half) Dozen.

1. You're Not Getting Regular Trims

Dreadlocked hair

This is definitely the number 1 mistake most people make when it comes to their hairstyle. You may think that not getting regular trims will save you money and help you gain length, but the truth is, without regular trims, your long locks will:

  • lose shape and give your hairstyle a very bad appearance
  • become unruly and unmanageable
  • become unhealthy and split at the ends- this will make it impossible to ever have a longer hairstyle (split hair travels up the hair shaft making the hair shaft break)

Any of these issues will definitely cost you more in the long run. Regular trims are essential for keeping your hair healthy and keeping it looking great. And remember too, to keep the cost down, try spacing out your appointments for a trim.


2. You're Doing Color or Cuts Yourself, or You're Letting a Friend Do Them for You

Colored bobs

The second biggest mistake in Hair's Dirty (Half) Dozen of what not to do with your hair is to attempt a color or cut yourself at home. I'm telling you right now, it will never measure up to the finish that you'd receive from a professional hairstylist. Even hairstylists don't attempt to do their own hair, and unless you have a friend who is a hairstylist, getting someone else to color or cut your hair for you will most likely end up a complete disaster that costs you more money to fix (or, heaven forbid, results in you having to cut off all your hair). For the sake of your hair and to avoid any stress, leave color and cuts to the professionals.


3. You're Not Using the Right Products for Your Hair or Scalp Type


Not using the right products for your hair or scalp type is the third egg in Hair's Dirty (Half) Dozen. Most people don't believe that this is really that important, but they couldn't be further from the truth. The wrong product not only stops your hair from being as healthy as it can, but it also prevents you from making full use of your natural hair type and texture, meaning that it can sabotage any hairstyles you try to create. Imagine how much better your naturally curly locks would look if you used products for curly hair that are designed specially to lock-in the moisture; or, if you had fine hair and you used products containing carbohydrates to add body (such as hair thickening shampoo). Certain conditions too, such as dry and flaky scalps, or excessively oily hair, also require the appropriate products to keep them under control.


4. You're Using Too Much Heat When Styling and Not Giving Your Hair a Break

Hair straightener

Don't be fooled: hair straighteners, curling irons and blow-dryers are essential tools for creating great hairstyles, but they do damage your hair if used every day and if not used correctly. You should always:

  • research and compare styling utensils to find the best technology available for the price you can afford
  • follow manufacturers' recommendations and instructions about how to use these tools
  • use a heat protection product to avoid a major mishap
  • avoid heat styling all together for a few days to give your hair a break (your locks will thank you for it)


5. You Don't Have a Basic Hair Care Routine


This is the bad egg of the hairstyling world that requires nothing more than time to correct. Having a basic hair care routine is simple and easy to achieve, but so many people just don't manage it. Not having a basic hair care routine will leave you with lifeless locks and a head of hair that is far from impressive. To avoid limp and lifeless hair, start your own routine by:

  • gently brushing every day to encourage blood flow to the scalp and oil distribution through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair
  • using shampoo and conditioner every other day, as well as the appropriate styling product
  • using a daily moisturizer to keep the ends of your hair sealed
  • applying a 20 minute treatment once a week to keep your mane looking its best


6. You Often Get the Latest Looks Even if They Don't Suit Your Lifestyle or Needs


There's nothing wrong with following trends! But realistically, insisting on having the latest cut or color when they just don't suit you face shape, hair texture, lifestyle or styling time and needs is going to be more hassle than they're worth. Don't blindly follow fashion. Instead, be smart, do your research and use TheHairStyler.com to help you find a new hairstyle that complements all your personal requirements (you can even try on hairstyles virtually using your own photo, which totally takes the guesswork out of choosing a new style and promotes better communication between your stylist and you).

So there's our list of the top 6 bad eggs of hairstyling: Hair's Dirty (Half) Dozen of bad habits. Thanks to our members for their feedback, because without it we wouldn't have been able to put these helpful hints together. And thanks also to Telly Savalas for inspiring our dirty (half) dozen. Telly, like the others in The Dirty Dozen, end up being good guys at the end of the film- even though they're really bad guys (remember: they're criminals after all). We think that with the right advice and resources like TheHairStyler.com, you too can turn your bad hairstyling habits around, transforming those bad eggs into good eggs (Easter eggs perhaps).