Hair Loss and Growth

Thanks to the influx of hormones during pregnancy your hair will retain any strands it would normally shed, so once you give birth, you will notice increased hair loss. You should remember that changes such as these are temporary and will only take a few months to balance back out.

With the increased level of estrogen flowing through your body you may even notice that your hair has become thicker, stronger and full of more body.

How your hair changes during pregnancy and the level of changes will all depend on your individual body and can even vary each time that you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Hair Myths

  • If you lose hair then you are having a girl: FALSE
  • If you have hair growth then you are having a boy: FALSE

Coloring Your Hair

While there is no hard evidence to say that dying your hair during pregnancy will harm your baby, it is a good idea to avoid having hair color applied to your hair for at least the first 12 weeks. You can achieve this by not having any color done or by trying color that is not applied directly to your scalp, such as foils, highlights and lowlights. Spacing your hair color appointments so that they are not as frequent during your pregnancy is also a good idea.


Although you may be tempted to cut your hair short, both during your pregnancy and after giving birth, it is important to remember that a shorter hairstyle does not necessarily mean it will be any easier to look after your hair. By visiting your stylist to discuss your new circumstances, you will be able to get the advice and help that you will need to find a hairstyle that will both flatter and suit you, and one that will be easy to look after when you have very little time.