The best way to make sure your wedding hairstyle always looks its best is by putting together a wedding hairstyle survival kit.

Wedding Hairstyle Survival Item #1

A brush

A brush is the best way to keep your hair smooth and to ensure that your wedding hairstyle will stay in place and will help you to control any fly-aways.

Wedding Hairstyle Survival Item #2

A tail comb

Many wedding hairstyles wouldn't be complete without a little lift and a tail comb is essential for keeping your tresses pumped up.

Wedding Hairstyle Survival Item #3

A hand held mirror

Not only vital for making sure your make-up is still picture perfect, a hand held mirror will allow you to make sure your wedding hairstyle is still in place and luscious from every angle.

Wedding Hairstyle Survival Item #4

Bobby pins

The perfect accessory for any wedding hairstyle, bobby pins will keep your locks in place and if you make sure that they are the same color as your hair, no one will notice these little lifesavers securing your hairdo!

Wedding Hairstyle Survival Item #5


A must-have styling product, hairspray will secure your wedding hairstyle from morning to night (just make sure to use as needed and don't go overboard).

Once you've got your wedding hairstyle survival kit together, find a great purse to keep it in and a volunteer to hold it and your fabulous wedding hairstyle is guaranteed to last all day!