Barrel curl upstyle

The top of this hairstyle has been smoothed back off the face and brought to curls at the crown in a busy arrangement. The beauty of this style is that a veil can sit on top or underneath the barrel curls.


Bridal upstyle

This is a great upstyle for the bride who is looking for a classic hairdo. Smooth on the top, but with height throughout, this hairstyle will keep on looking great no matter what mother nature throws at it.


Bridal hairstylesThis style appears to be loose, but is secured in tight. This gives the style a lot of body throughout, and the side part and messy crown pinning creates a cute edge.


Upstyle with side bangs

A hairstyles like this, with a smooth top and slight sweeping side bangs, will hold well in windy conditions because of the cute lower bun.



Upstyle with body

A classic elegant style, this hairdo is great for the daring bride. This style features a crown high chignon which is great for an outdoor wedding as it will stay in place through all kinds of weather.


Chignon upstyle

This style is a good option because it is very full. The messy curls at the crown have been designed to fall over towards the hairline and make this the perfect style for someone wanting plenty of height. 


Upstyle with messy curls

This cute style is the perfect look for a young bride with lots of energy. This style will stay in place throughout the day without a hitch, and the height at the crown will give you a different look which will work well with all wedding themes.


Side pinned upstyle

This is a great style to wear outdoors because the curls have been pinned to fall down the right hand side. This ensures that the style will look great throughout the day and that you can still wear your hair down and long.