Eva Longoria hairstyles

Eva Longoria. Brunettes are back and the new and improved color tones, as seen here on super sexy Eva Longoria, are all about style and class.


Gwen Stefani hairstyles

Gwen Stefani. Platinum blonde can be a great color, and Gwen Stefani is one of the style leaders when it comes to pulling off the look, but the harsh contrast it makes against certain skin tones means it’s not a look for everyone.


Evangeline Lilly hairstyles

Evangeline Lilly. The story lines on "Lost" have us all hooked and one of its sexiest stars always looks great out on the beach, but how does Evangeline Lilly do it? It must be her gorgeous dark brown tresses.


HOT: Color that’s full of soft, rich brown tones.

NOT: Platinum white/blonde color tones.


HOT: Britney's baby, Sean Preston Spears Federline - even before birth this baby was famous.

NOT: Kate Moss.


HOT: The return of all the big shows - finally we'll know what’s down the hatch on "Lost"!

NOT: TV series based on cops/crime/solving murders - isn't four "Law and Orders" and three "CSI's" enough?


HOT: R.Kelly and his "Trapped In The Closet" series - he turns a simple song into a storyline worthy of the trashiest soap, and the videos are an art form not seen since the "Thriller" video.

NOT: Classic songs re-made into horrible dance mixes - they usually always ruin the original.


HOT: Serenity - the big screen debut from "Buffy" genius, Joss Wheadon. It was a failed, but critically acclaimed, TV show that caused such a fuss when it was cancelled that it was made into a movie.

NOT: Another remake of Pride & Prejudice, this time starring Keira Knightly – we know it's a classic story, but does it need to be re-made everytime a hot, popular British actress comes along?