The Emmys are for losers and they're boring. There's the opinion out there that the Emmys are the poor man's Oscars- in other words, that all the TV stars that go to the Emmys and compete for the awards are wannabe film stars. But that's missing the point. The lacklustre rap and competition actually makes the Emmys the most exciting awards ceremony. Emmy nominees have got something to prove, and you know what, you can see the results in the extra time taken on things like their great outfits and Emmy hairstyles.

Mariska Hargitay hairstyles

So my theory is that the Emmys is a great place to find a date. If you want to date a "celebrity" and you want to get the best value celebrity experience (in other words, if you want to hang out with someone who's hot but not: 1. Jaded about the limelight and 2. Definitely strives to impress and prove they've got just as much to give as the movie stars), then date a TV star. And you'll find them all at the Emmys.

We cover lots of awards at THS, including the Video Music Awards and the Teen Choice Awards, and the Emmys is one of three major awards ceremonies (the other two are the Annual Academy Awards and the Tony Awards)- but it's the youngest and probably the one surrounded by the least fanfare. The Emmy's recognizes "excellence" in TV, and its Primetime Awards is probably the most significant. Yet it still doesn't rate very well (even though certain television programs have audiences far in excess of some blockbusters), and many say it's because year in year out the same old shows get nominated.

Christopher Gorham hairstyles

The fact that the stars of the Emmys have an axe to grind (since audiences don't really care about the awards) often leads to some juicy controversy. For example, Kathy Griffin's acceptance speech, when she made the damning point of not thanking Jesus because he didn't have anything to do with her winning an award, proved her own dedication to garnering the limelight. And who could forget Lily Tomlin's words in 1974? Talk about enlarging that chip on her shoulder when she said: "This is not the greatest moment in my life, because on Friday I had a really great baked potato at Niblick's on Wilshire."

Like I said, celebs at the Emmys (like Lily), are on a mission to show they've got the same star power as the actors at the Oscars. And it's not only evident in their speeches, but their Emmy hairstyles too. Check out the super effort Heidi Klum put into her hairstyle last year, or Eva Longoria Parker. And if you still don't believe me, then look no further than Mariska Hargitay: possibly the hardest-working b-list/celeb TV star ever. Every time you see her (which is a lot because her face is plastered everywhere "quality," like TV Week and OK Magazine) her hair's different and styled to an absolute T.

Kathy Griffin hairstyles

It's because these celebs at the Emmys have a lot to prove that they're very attractive to us normal people. They work so hard on their Emmy hairstyles, we're almost certain to get some insights into the right hairstyle for your face shape. Some TV celebs, like Christopher Gorham, remind us of the mistakes that can be made when trying to get a cool hairstyle, and with all the hairstyle highs (and lows), watching the Emmys helps us all get ready for a hairstyle change.

But, alongside helping you find your perfect hairstyle, the Emmys is really attractive because it's the best place to find the perfect celebrity for a date. Imagine how much fun you'd have dating one of these guys. They'd be giving, giving, giving the whole time. Forget about an Oscar celeb like Sean Penn who isn't really interested in maintaining his image (he cares so little he actually wears a moustache with serious intent). The secret to dating a celeb lies with tapping into the enthusiasm of TV stars, people like Tyra Banks and Sandra Oh. The energy they dedicate to cultivating the limelight is reflected in their absolute dedication to their style (they would never put a foot or a hair wrong), and so dating one of these guys would surely amount to fun, fun, fun.