If you love Blue Bloods actress Sami Gayle's short hairstyles, you've come to the right place. Today we are rounding up all of her best short 'dos to give you some style inspiration.

Eighteen year old Sami has a great face shape for short 'dos which is probably why she sticks with this style. The oval face shape can pull off short hairstyles better than anyone else, so if this applies to you then you are already ahead of the game! Sami also has great eyes an cheekbones which are highlighted even more with a short 'do, so if these are two features that you are most proud of then you will also benefit from wearing one of these 'dos.

Have a look at Sami's hairstyles below and check out all the variations she has rocked over the years for some ideas.

Sami Gayle Short Straight Pixie Hairstyle

One thing is for sure- Sami loves her pixie cuts! Here, she is wearing a longer version of a pixie cut with jagged ends that tapers in on the back and sides. Sami doesn't bother with a part in this look and styles her hair forward instead to create a thick, full look. She also has a full fringe going, again with jagged cut ends, that creates a nice frame for her face. Overall, this is a great cut for Sami that is full of texture and style.

Sami Gayle Short Straight Hairstyle

If you think that short hairstyles can't look fancy or formal - think again! Sami proves that short hairstyles can be transformed for evening events using a few styling products, switching up the part and adding in some extra volume. To get this 'do, Sami has created a side part and swept her bangs over to one side using some gel. She also backcombed the roots at the crown to create a spiky effect. This is the perfect way to create a formal up-do look if you have short hair.

Sami Gayle Short Straight Pixie Hairstyle

Here, Sami has taken her signature long pixie cut and not only darkened the colour up a bit, but changed up the style too. Instead of wearing her hair forward, she has made a deep side part and swept her hair over to one side. This lightens up the heaviness of the first look we saw above, and gives her a different style of fringe which really changes her look up. The rich dark brown also goes great with her short 'do too.

Sami Gayle Short Straight Hairstyle

And in her most recent look, here is Sami in a smooth and sleek short 'do. By growing tout the top layers more, Sami's hair looks less like a pixie cut but is still short and chic. The sides are tapered in close to the head and Sami's fringe has grown out into a long side-swept one with less layers and jagged cutting than before. Overall, this new hairstyle looks sophisticated and sleek on Sami.

Quick tips to change up your short hairstyle, a la Sami Gayle:
- Wear the hair forward for a thicker looking 'do full of texture.

- For a night out, use some gel to part and comb the hair to one side while adding volume to the crown by backcombing the roots.

- To frame your eyes more, go for a shorter, jagged cut fringe.

- For a softer, sleek look, grow out your top layers and layer them slightly for a smooth finish.