Jennifer Aniston hairstyles


hiya! it's been waaay too long honey... Anyhow, just a quickie ("quickie" lol!) to ask you a big favor... Darling, it's about Jen- Jennifer Aniston.

I'm sorry to have to say this hon, but i'm just not over the moon about Jen's media image right now- you know, all the press coverage of her around the place... Can't you do something about it?

you and i both know that jen's hair is her biggest asset... but no one cares about it at the mo :(

She's really upset... everyday reading something about Brad or whatever, instead of something about her hair. Didn't you see the great shots of her new 'do at the premiere?

It's classic Jen! Just like the old days! Oh... divine darling. But Jen's hair just can't get a looksy in the media lately. I mean, they're obsessed with this "Brangelina" thing (ok, maybe Jen shouldn't have had a little jab at Angelina re. her getting together with brad, saying Angelina "was uncool" or whatever), and it's a crying shame. And the nude shots on GQ. Hello?! Yes, she's naked... but can't anyone see her great hair? It's classic JEN HAIR!

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles

You know i really thought the GQ cover thing was a stroke of genius to get jen-darling's lovely locks back in the limers, but no; it's all about her age and her little bf johnnie mayer... oh god please!

So leslie- baby- can't you set your little pr wheels in motion, and get a few stories done on jen's hair? Spread it around, refocus the attention, cos jen's hair's the key to her hitting the jackpot again- if you get my drift (wink, wink). Here are some tid-bits about her latest style you could use (I wrote it myself and it's not too bad for an old hack I think! LOL):

Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle for the premiere of Marley & Me.

Jennifer has returned to her classic hairstyle that we all know and love. It's deliciously long- a bit longer than usual- and layered around the sides and back. The middle part makes it perfect for rounder face shapes, as does its minimal volume, and the lovely copper tones make this style perfect for warm complexions. It's pretty low fuss too: simply blow-dry with a touch of straightening cream and then add a dash of serum at the end. Voila- when you're onto a good thing like Jennifer, stick to it!

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles

Thanks Les! Be a real sweet and remind everyone about jen's cool hair, k? Enough already of that johnnie mayer/ brangelina garbola, k? Thanks hon. And i've pasted a couple of jen's classic styles below in case you need a little more ammo.


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