Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams hairstylesSoft waves gave Vanessa a stunning look on the red carpet. Her hair length was left to fall just below her shoulders and layers were added to define the texture through her ends. The height at the top of this style makes it a great option for rounder face shapes as the height will add length. Layers were cut into the ends and the mid-lengths of her hair to help balance out the weight of her waves.

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova hairstylesPetra looked great with this sexy upstyle. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail-like style at her crown area, which helped to add height, and her hair's actual length was left to fall down to the middle of her back to help show off and emphasize her long length. Side bangs, such as the ones seen here, make this a great style for longer face shapes.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah hairstylesOprah's great style not only looks good on her, but the height achieved and the length of her hair makes this a great look for rounder face shapes too. Her length was left at shoulder level and her hair was heavily layered to add texture and to also balance her curls. This style can be re-created in natural curly hair or styled curls.

Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen hairstylesHelena wore her hair in a natural, easy going style for the big event and looked great! Her long hair was secured in a half-up, half-down style to keep the hair from falling onto her face and out of her way. The ends and mid-lengths of her hair were layered with feathery layers to add body into the ends of her style. To finish, her bangs were side swept onto her forehead to shorten the look of her longer face.

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert hairstylesElisha looked glamorous with this smooth and sexy upstyle. Her bangs were styled to fall onto her forehead to hide a high hairline. Height through the top of this hairstyle adds volume to finer hair. This is a great hairstyle which can be re-created in long, straight hair.

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen hairstylesAshley's bohemian waves not only gave her a cute look but also added texture from the roots to the ends of her style. Lots of weight was added through the mid-lengths around her face, making this hairstyle a great choice for a diamond face shape. This is the perfect style for longer, finer hair types.