April Woodard

April Woodard hairstylesThis was a short and simple style for April. Her back and side sections were tapered to her neck and her top was razor cut throughout to add height and texture. Wispy bangs were also cut for shape and definition. This style will work best on fine to medium hair types.

June Ambrose

June Ambrose hairstylesThis was a fabulous style for June. Her hairstyle featured full angled layers around her top and sides, which were blended to her ends for an even and full wave throughout. This shapes the face and is a great cutting option for longer face shapes.

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan hairstylesThe always-stunning Brooke looked perfect with this two-tone effect. The chestnut through her bottom section and soft blonde through her top section made a great look. Long shaped layers were cut around her top and sides and were continued through to her ends to shape her sexy waves.


Ciara hairstylesThis is a lovely and soft style for Ciara. Long shaped layers were cut around her top and sides to create body around her face and to shape her curl in just the right way! This style will work perfectly on medium to thick hair types.