Emily Procter

Emily Procter hairstylesEmily's elegant style was a great look for her at the CBS Summer Press Tour. Her ash blonde locks were softly layered around her face to give her waves more shape and definition. This style is perfect for those with fine to medium hair.

Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan hairstylesAlyson made the most of her long locks at the CBS Summer Press Tour with this straight and sassy style. Alyson's hair was pinned back into a half upstyle and long textured bangs were cut to soften the look around her face. This style will work well in most weather conditions.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen hairstylesThis was a simple style for Charlie which suited him perfectly at the CBS Summer Press Tour. His sides and back were taper cut short to create a neat look around his ears and neck. His top was also left long and jagged cut to add height, and his loose bangs were added to create a softer look around his face. This style will be easy to maintain with regular trims.

Tamika Ray

Tanika Ray hairstylesThis crazy curly style looked spectacular on Tamika at the CW's All Star Summer TCA 2007 Party. Her back was left long and blunt cut and her full jagged bangs were angled to create a round shape. Her top and sides were also cut a little shorter to add plenty of volume and to create and even shape all over. This style will work best on medium to thick hair types and naturally curly hair.

Alana De La Garza

Alana De La Garza hairstylesThis is a great short sassy 'do for Alana from the NBC All-Star Party. Her length has been jagged cut to her chin and long layers have been cut around her sides and back to give her style a little more edge and volume, which is also a great option for those with fine hair types.

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi hairstylesZachary really knows how to use his waves to his advantage and did a great job with this hairstyle at the NBC All-Star Party. His back was left long and jagged to add volume and shape and his sides were also jagged cut and swept behind his ears, leaving his top section with all the attention. This style will work best on naturally wavy hair.