Coco Rocha is definitely a trendsetter when it comes to her hair and makeup. Maybe it's her flawless features or perfect bone structure, but she always looks amazing in whatever hairstyle she flaunts. The nice thing about Coco is that she likes to experiment with her look and is a big fan of edgy short hairstyles, unlike most models who sport the usual long, layered looks.

Coco was previously sporting a chic short layered 'do but has now grown it out into this fabulous pageboy bob hairstyle, reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties era.

Hair History Note: The pageboy bob became popular at the turn of the twentieth century when, after years of uptight Victorian hairstyles and fashion, the trend for androgynous hairstyles and boyish silhouettes became big. This short bob became the must-have hairstyle, along with pin curls and finger waves!

Fast forward to 2014 and Coco Rocha is bringing back this Flapper-era 'do, which is oh-so-chic, classy and still has that party girl edge to it. Women who wear this hairstyle automatically look like a fashion leader rather than a follower, because it shows a high level of confidence and a preference for classic, fashion-forward styles rather than "safer" hairstyles. Some other notable women who like to rock the pageboy bob are trendsetters Anna Wintour and Rihanna.

If you want to copy Coco's look, here's how you can get it!


The Hair

Coco Rocha Short Straight Pageboy Bob

This is a simple cut that every good stylist should be able to pull off flawlessly. You will need to have naturally straight hair (any thickness will work here) and you need a face shape that will support this angular cut. That means that square, circle and rectangle face shapes will want to find something a little more flattering, but if you are an oval, diamond or oblong shape then you can proceed.

Pageboy bobs can be longer and fall to chin length, or, you can go for a super chic short bob like Coco's here. The fringe should fall just above the eyebrows, but you can also go for a more dramatic and mysterious eye-skimming bang too if that suits your look better.


The Makeup

Coco Rocha Short Straight Formal Pageboy Bob with Blunt Cut Bangs - Medium Brunette Hair Color

Pageboy bobs look great with natural makeup, but Coco's feline eyes and bright lipstick take this haircut to a whole new level! To get this look, use apricot tones of eye shadow on the lid with a soft brown in the crease. Then use a gel liner to create a dramatic flick at the outer edges of the eye; lining both the top and bottom lash lines as well. On the cheeks, opt for a soft pink or peach shade and apply it just under the cheekbones for a sculpted, model-esque look. This is a great trick to slim the face down as well (if you need it). Finally, finish it all off with a bright coral pink lipstick.

Her hair and makeup may be vintage-inspired but they still look way ahead of the fashion game. Coco may just have brought the pageboy bob back into fashion again!