Just when you thought you had caught up with the latest hairstyles...they change again!

Celebrities are the trendsetters when it comes to changing their looks, so we decided to check out what some of your favorite stars have had done to their hair.

Our team has rated the best celebrity hairstyles this month, and just like the Oscars, we thought we would give out our own awards!

Whether it's a shaggy bob, face-framing layers or a pixie cut we have step by step instructions on these fabulous hairstyles.

Hairstyle Categories

The Blonde - Charlize Theron

Straight Hair - Kelly Ripa

Waves - Beyonce Knowles

Bob - Julia Stiles

Short Cut - Alyssa Milano

Highlights - Jennifer Aniston

Brunette - Jennifer Lopez

Curls - Sarah Jessica Parker

Red - Debra Messing