This month, profiles some of her best hairstyles.

The Marilyn

Anna Nicole Smith hairstyles

Anna Nicole does her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation with this style and looks great! Her cute shoulder length curls are full of body and volume and adds that texture right throughout her entire hairstyle. Her hair looks healthy and really suits her thinner face shape.


Stacked on Curls

Anna Nicole Smith hairstyles

This style is different for Anna Nicole. It still uses her usual curls, but her hair on top has been smoothed and lots of height has been incorporated through the top area only. This hairstyle really shows off Anna Nicole's stunning facial features and also adds length into her rounder face shape.


Height Boasting

Anna Nicole Smith hairstyles

Anna Nicole loves to wear her hair with lots of height through the top, and with this style, she has created a fuller look which features straight ends that fall from teased heights to give her overall look lots of body and thickness throughout the top which follows down into her ends.


Classic Curls

Anna Nicole Smith hairstyles

For this sassy look, Anna Nicole's hair has been formed into large sexy swirls all over the top of her head to create lots of body through her top, front section, and also through her sides. This is a great hairstyle for Anna Nicole which combines her signature curls and height into a different looking 'do!

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