View yourself with Zuri Hall hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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Zuri Hall looks absolutely breathtaking with this hairstyle that is full of volume and life. The curls in this style are styled to perfection and are ideal for those with all hair densities. The tightness of these curls makes it easy for your hair to hold the curl. These curls are perfect for those who want to add volume and movement to their style and give off the illusion that their hair is thicker than it is. You are going to need to use product every step of the way to ensure that the curls hold throughout the look. The curls also help draw attention to the highlights of this hairstyle. The highlights of this style lighten her hair and sparkle in the light, which is lovely. Her zig-zag parting allows the curls to add even more height to the top of this style. This style is ideal for those with a strong jawline and cheekbone area. You are going to need to trim your hair regularly to keep your ends healthy and to help prevent your hair from developing split ends.

The sky is the limit for your makeup application. You can add some color to the ends of your lids as Zuri has done, paired with a smokey eye finish towards your waterline. Finish off this look with a gloss lipstick if you want to add some more shimmer to your look, or you can add a matte lipstick during the day.

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In this picture, Zuri Hall sports a stunning chin-length straight bob that is appropriate for all your formal events. Since Zuri has an oblong face and a stronger jawline, textures and waves help to downplay her more prominent features, but with this cut, straight hair also suits her face shape. The center-parted, blunt-cut fringe on Zuri draws attention to her eyes and prominent cheekbones. Because it harmonizes her features and gives her face a more symmetrical form, this hairstyle is appropriate for her face type. It is straightforward but ageless. A bob like Zuri's is a classic hairstyle that is coming back in style. Her dark hair suits her skin complexion and brown eyes, and the bob does these colors justice.

A smokey eye is a wonderful place to start when it comes to your makeup application. To make your eyes stand out more, you can apply some artificial lashes. Finish off your look with a soft lip color like Lady Victoria used, or try something a little more daring like a deep red. To create the appearance of a perfect oval face shape and to be photo-ready for your formal event, don't forget to highlight and contour your face and neck area.

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Zuri Hall is sharing with us such a gorgeous, full, and luscious hairstyle that you are just going to love! Her hair has been parted down the middle. This allows the curls to fall evenly on both sides and with this volume, a parting down the middle is the better option. Her curls are big and full of volume which can take time to style but once you style it and get it right, you are going to love it! When you curl your hair the second or third day after shampooing, you will get even better results. Dirty hair will hold its curl better than freshly washed hair, and it also saves you a lot of prep time. You can apply dry shampoo to your hair if it becomes greasy after a couple of days. In addition to freshening your hair, this will help keep your curls in place and prevent your hair from looking greasy. In order for your cut and color to stay strong on your hair, you will need to cut your hair every 4 weeks or so. Once every six weeks, or whenever you add color, you should touch up your hair color so that the color remains vibrant and you don't see your roots.

With this easy and beautiful look, you can achieve many different makeup looks. A more elongated appearance is achieved by adding shape and definition to the face. You can do this by adding highlighter and contouring techniques to your face and neck area. Either bold lips or bold eyes are needed to keep this look classy and stylish. For a sultry look, try a gorgeous smokey eye combined with a bold red lip. Or for a playful look, add a pop of color in the inner corner of your eye. When wearing both looks, don't forget to apply a highlighter to the high plains of your cheeks to accentuate your beautiful curls.

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This shoulder dusting 'do is dressed in subtle waves through the back and sides to give the over-all hairstyle plenty of bounce and movement. The shape of this 'do is perfect to complement an angular face and is great for any occasion. Product is needed to tame fly-away hair and regular trims will help maintain a healthy look and feel.

Zuri Hall looks lovely here in a shoulder length wavy bob that is perfect for both day and night. Zuri has an oblong face shape with a stronger jawline so 'dos with texture and wave work well to soften her bolder features. Zuri's blunt cut locks are waved with subtle, flat waves which gives her hair extra body and bounce while her center-parted grown out fringe highlights her eyes and high cheekbones. This 'do is a simple but timeless hairstyle that is ideal for her face shape as it balances out her features and gives her face a more balanced shape.

Zuri has a medium dark skin tone with dark eyes, which makes her best suited to jet black hues as well as dark brunette tones. Although Zuri has experimented with various brunette, black and red shades in the past, she is known for her gorgeous black-brown hair tone, which suits her skin tone and eye color very well. This rich espresso shade brings out the glow in her complexion and the sparkle in her eyes.

Zuri Hall is an American television personality. She is the co-anchor of E! News, and the former host of MTV's after-shows and reunions for the popular reality game show The Challenge.

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A combination of layers cut all through the sides and back of this 'do balances out the volume and bounce of the natural curls for a voluminous look and feel. This 'do is perfect for those with naturally tight curly hair looking for a style to compliment a square face and will need product for hold and shine.

Zuri Hall looks lovely here in a curly hairstyle that has a sculpted silhouette and falls just past her shoulders. Working with her natural hair texture, this 'do has been cut with graduated layers to create a gorgeous cascading effect. This is ideal for her face shape, which is an square, as it benefits from the added softness around the face and chin area in particular. Zuri has a high forehead with a rounded hairline which is ideal for wearing a grown out fringe and deep side part.

Zuri has a warm complexion with gold undertones and dark brown eyes. This makes her well suited to natural black and brown hair tones the best. Here, she goes for a warm, glossy black shade. This color works well for her and warms up her skin tone, plus it makes her eye color even more noticeable. This is a great choice for her complexion and it gives her locks a healthy, shiny finish.

Zuri Hall is an American television personality. She is an on-air correspondent for E! News, and the former host of MTV's after-shows and reunions for the popular reality game show The Challenge.