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Long Straight Casual - Dark Brunette

Styling Time: 30 minutes
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Added: 11 Jan 2016
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: These dark brunette locks are smoothed over to one side and left out to fall over the shoulder showing off the layers cut through the edges. This hairstyle is easy to re-create at home and needs a little product for shine and hold. Regular trims will help prevent split ends. Sisanie looks lovely here in a simple side-swept hairstyle that suits her low-key look. Sisanie has an oblong face shape with an angular jaw line and high forehead, making her suited to styles that are side-parted and add width around the face. This ‘do does just that, with a long cascading fringe in the front and layers that sculpt and soften her jaw line. Tucking the hair behind one ear is a good way to add some interest to a basic hairstyle like this one, while showing off the neckline on one side. Sisanie’s natural waves poke through in this ‘do, giving it texture and body throughout the ends. Her color is another fabulous feature of this hairstyle. Having a warm skin tone and large amber brown eyes, Sisanie looks best in rich chocolate and chestnut hair colors. Here she goes for a deep brown base with subtle light brown highlights throughout the ends that give her locks a glossy, healthy looking finish. Sisanie is an American on-air radio host.

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