Selma Blair Hairstyles, Hair Cuts And Colors

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Selma Blair Long Straight Dark Brunette Updo Hairstyle

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The top of these dark shiny locks are parted on the side, pulled back smoothly and pinned to the back of the head to create this elegant upstyle best suited for any day or night occasion. The roots are teased at the crown to add height making this a fantastic hairdo to complement a round face. Strong hold product is needed to keep this hairstyle in place.

Selma Blair turns head here with this stunning sleek up-do. Selma has a square face shape with a wide jawline and low forehead. This slicked back ‘do shows off all of her facial features nicely and highlights her strong bone structure. The side part and grown out fringe works well for her low forehead and the bouffant at the top adds some softness to her look. This is an elegant do that is ideal for a formal night out on the town and will suit ladies with thick hair like Selma nicely.

As for her color, Selma is a fan of sticking to her natural color, which is a deep black-brown shade. This hair color matches her eyebrows and ivory skin tone well, plus it creates a striking contrast with her bright green eyes. Selma opts for one shade all over rather than a highlighted look which gives her locks a glossy finish.

Selma Blair is an American film, television and theater actress.

Selma Blair Medium Wavy Black Hairstyle

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These black locks are layered through the mid-lengths to ends to lighten the length encouraging the movement of the waves added to the back and sides for shape ad style. This hairstyle is easy to re-create with the right tools and products and will need regular trims to prevent split ends.

Selma Blair Short Straight Dark Brunette Bob Haircut

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This was a new look for Selma Blair at the world premiere of Hell Boy II: The Golden Army. Usually she's got a short crop, but now that's grown into a classic bob that sits nicely at her jaw line. Slight layering through the ends added shape and lightened the edges, and her blunt bangs (worn to the side) framed the top of her face perfectly.