Rene Russo Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors

View yourself with Rene Russo hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

Medium Wavy Dark Copper Blonde Hairstyle

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The length of this casual style is blunt cut with only long subtle layers cut around the edges to lighten the length and enhances the soft bounce of the natural...

Long Wavy Dark Golden Blonde Hairstyle

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These dark golden blonde locks have layers cut into the back and sides to enhance the body and volume making it a great style to compliment a long face. This...

Long Wavy Hairstyle

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Rene let her hair out and kept it natural and simple. Medium to long layers are cut through the back and sides to allow body and width which makes this...