10 Rebecca Romijn Hairstyles, Hair Cuts And Colors

View yourself with Rebecca Romijn hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

Rebecca Romijn Short Chin-Length Bob With Waves

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This short, chin-length bob that Rebecca Romijn is sharing with us is fresh, fun, and something you need to try at least once! This bob is ideal for those with thin to medium hair density. The waves will not hold if your hair is too thick. This blunt cut gives this look a casual feel to it but also keeps your split ends at bay. Rebecca has placed her hair behind one ear and added a side parting, which brings attention to her gorgeous facial features. The waves in this look make it seem like she has just come off the beach, which adds to the casual feel of this hairstyle. This bob is ideal for those with an oval, oblong square, and diamond face shape due to the way the waves fall around her face. The colors in her bob are natural and subtle, making it easy for you to maintain the color. You want to try and stick with the natural theme of this look by doing a casual makeup application and finishing off with a nice lipstick color.

Rebecca Romijn Long Wavy Light Blonde and Platinum Two-Tone Hairstyle

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Medium length hair is still in fashion and Rebecca Romijn is showing us how it is done! This look is elegant and yet fun at the same time. The length of the hair is perfect as it not only shapes the face and neck area but it also shapes and puts the focus on the decollete area as well. The curls are subtle which are still going to need some hair spray so that they do not lose their bounce throughout the day.

The curls are lovely however, the way in which they fall on your cheekbones, glasses will not suit this look well.
You are going to need to trim your hair every 6 weeks or so to ensure that your hair stays healthy. If you are going to highlight your hair as well, you are going to need to redo your color once every 6 weeks or so to keep the color vibrant.

Makeup-wise, you can keep your makeup natural or you can do a nice, bold smokey eye to tie this look together.

Rebecca Romijn Long Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

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These blonde locks are left out to sit on the shoulders showing off the curled lengths and ends that gives the overall look a pretty finish. This hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trims every 4-6 weeks and needs a small amount of product to tame fly-away hair.

Rebecca Romijn goes for a polished look here with a medium wavy hairstyle full of bounce and shine. This hairstyle gives her an effortlessly cool look that has a ultra-styled feel to it, making it a good choice for ladies who aren't a fan of casual or wash and go hairstyles. Rebecca’s hairstyle has a simple side part and grown out fringe which creates a lovely frame for her oblong face shape. She lets her hair’s waved texture do its thing here which shows off her thick, healthy tresses nicely. To give her hairstyle an extra dose of style, she has used large hot rollers to create giant voluminous curls which she keeps in tact with a soft finish.

As for her color, Rebecca looks lovely in medium blonde locks that set off her blue eyes and medium skin tone. Having this skin tone, she looks best in light caramel, brown and blonde shades. Here, she goes for a medium golden blonde tone that gives her a bright, vibrant finish.

Rebecca Romijn Short Wavy Light Blonde Bob Haircut

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This light blonde mane is blunt cut at the length and left out to give this casual 'do width and volume making it a great style to balance out a long face. This simple hairdo is perfect for those with fine to medium hair and will need regular trims to prevent split ends.

Rebecca Romijn Long Wavy Dark Blonde Hairstyle with Light Blonde Highlights

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This highlighted hairdo is left to fall over the shoulders showing off the soft waves added to the mid-lengths to ends for shape and movement. This casual hairdo is easy to re-create at home with the right tools and products and needs regular trims to prevent split ends.

Rebecca Romijn Long Wavy Light Platinum Blonde Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs and Dark Blonde Highlights

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This dainty 'do has waves added to the mid-lengths to ends adding plenty of shape and style which is best suited for those looking for a style to bring out the best of a long face shape. This look is easy to re-create with the right tools and products and will need regular trims every 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends.

Rebecca Romijn Long Straight Dark Blonde Hairstyle

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This beautiful golden mane is layered through the edges to lighten the length which keeps this style sweet and simple. The top front section is pulled back and pinned to the head to expose the face and completes the over-all style perfectly.

Rebecca Romijn Long Wavy Hairstyle

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This is simple yet sexy hairstyle great for those with fine to medium hair types. The length is left long to fall below the shoulders with minimum layers through the ends to allow a little movement.

Rebecca Romijn Medium Straight Hairstyle

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Rebecca looked great at the "Austin Powers: Gold Member" premiere with this simple style. Her back, side, and top sections were all razor cut and thinned to create a textured and flicked style, and short wispy bangs were added to shape her face. This style is easy to maintain with regular trims.

Rebecca Romijn Long Curly Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

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This is a sexy and soft style for Rebecca. Her hair has simply been swept up to one side to create a full bodied look and add definition to her facial features.