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Long Wavy Casual - Medium Brunette

Styling Time: 30 minutes
Added: 08 Jul 2015
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,heart,triangular
Description: Layers are cut around the sides and back of these locks to lighten the length and helps enhance the movement of the soft waves all over. The crown is teased to achieve lift and height making this hairdo perfect to frame a round face for any occasion. Regular trims is needed to prevent split ends and a little product is needed to tame fly-away hair. Pfeifer Brown turns heads here in a high–volume hairstyle that has a vintage Sixties feel to it. This is a great option for women with thick, long wavy tresses who want to work with their hair’s natural state and not against it. Pfiefer has a heart shaped face where her cheekbones are the widest part. Her center-parted long fringe creates a frame around her face and balances out her proportions. The mini bouffant effect at the crown adds an extra touch of style and is also a great option for hearts to incorporate into their ‘dos. Pfiefer has a warm, medium-fair complexion with peach undertones, and her eyes are an intense light warm brown. This makes her suited to shades in the golden range of blonde and brown. Her base color is a warm chestnut brown which works well for her. She has also added blonde highlights throughout which are a beige blonde—not ideal for her coloring. Dark caramels are better in this case. Pfeifer Brown is an American actress.

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