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11 Paul Wesley Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors - Visual Story

Short Straight Ash Brunette Hairstyle

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Cool and casual is what this style is all about. The sides and back are cropped short up and over the ears, while the top is jagged cut allowing for...

Short Straight Dark Brunette Hairstyle

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Cool and casual is the main idea for this hairstyle. the sides and back are cut short while the top is left longer to be styled with a little product...

Short Straight Dark Ash Brunette Hairstyle

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This dark brown 'do is tapered into the sides and back blending into the top that is left long enough to style up for height and left making it a...

Short Straight Hairstyle

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This cool 'do is tapered into the head around the back and sides, blending in perfectly to the top length that is jagged cut to achieve height and texture making...

Short Straight Caramel Hairstyle

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Paul Wesley decided to go for a high spiked up 'do to turn heads at the 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards. His back and sides are cropped short and...

Short Straight Dark Chocolate Brunette Hairstyle

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Cool and casual is the main idea for this hairdo. The sides and back are clipper cut short and close to the head for tidy look and feel, blending into...

Short Straight Chocolate Hairstyle

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The back and sides of this 'do are cropped short and swept back for a smooth finish to the edges, and are blended into the top, which jagged cut and...

Short Straight Brunette Hairstyle

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This cool and textured hairdo is cut short and close to the head for a neat and tidy finish to the edges, blending in perfectly to the top layers that...

Short Straight Light Brunette Hairstyle

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Texture and movement is the main aim for this look. The back and sides are cut short for easy maintenance, blending into the top jagged cut layers which make it...

Short Straight Chestnut Brunette Hairstyle

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Textured layers cut all through the top of this short hairstyle adds plenty of height which is perfect for those looking to balance out a round face shape. The sides...

Short Straight Ash Hairstyle

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Paul Wesley turned heads at the Cosmopolitan Magazine's Fun Fearless Males of 2010 event with his spunky hairstyle. The back and sides were cut short for a neat finish to...