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Short Straight Casual - Light Blonde (Platinum)

Styling Time: 10 minutes
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Added: 28 Nov 2012
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: This short fancy hairdo is tapered into the back and sides blending into the top length that is left long enough to style flat contouring the head for a smooth look and feel. The bangs are style across the face to soften the look and completes the over-all hairdo magnificently. Spanish singer Pasion Vega recently unveiled a gorgeous new look that made the most of her delicate features. Pasion has always been one for short hair, but this pixie cut is a more dramatic look for her, not to mention the new white-blonde color. Being Spanish, Pasion has dark features and a tanned skin tone, which means it can be tricky to pull off white-blonde hair, however she has managed to do it with style and flair. Here's a closer look at her new pixie-ish look. The Hair: Pasion has opted for a longer version of a pixie cut that sweeps across her forehead and skims her eyes. The sides and back are tapered in, which shows off her stunning facial features and bone structure. She has gone for a platinum blonde that is easy to maintain on short hair—if you have dark hair and want to go platinum, keep this tip in mind! The Makeup: With such a light hair color, it would be easy for Pasion to look washed out if she went for the natural look. Instead, she goes glam with black-rimmed eyes and red lipstick. If you are thinking of going bleach blonde, remember that makeup will help your features stand out and give you an overall glamorous edge.

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