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Short Wavy Casual - Medium Brunette

Styling Time: 10 minutes
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Added: 16 May 2015
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,square,heart
Description: Sweet and simple is the main idea for this look. The back and sides are cropped short and close to the head, while the top is also cut short and smoothed down to create a flat style to contour the head. This look is easy to manage with regular trims every 4-6 weeks and needs a little product to keep it in place all day or night. Nicole Murphy is working a short and chic cut here with gorgeous results! While many women are afraid of wearing a cropped pixie cut, Nicole embraces it and looks fabulous. She has an oval face shape, which is ideal for this type of haircut, and her strong facial features work well too. She lets her hair’s natural texture do its thing here so no styling is needed, making this the ultimate wash and go ‘do. Nicole’s color is just right for her complexion and eye color too. Her skin tone is a warm medium brown shade with golden undertones, which harmonizes well with her rich chocolate brown hair color. Nicole was wise to go for an all-over shade instead of a highlighted look, which is hard to pull off with such short hair (highlights will usually look patchy and unnatural). The contrast between her dark hair color and light blue eyes provides a gorgeous contrast too. This hair color will suit ladies with any complexion as long as it has golden undertones. It will also work with light or dark eye colors. Nicole Murphy is ex-wife to comedian Eddy Murphy and mom to five kids. She is an American actress who has appeared in television series such as Hollywood Exes.

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