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Short Straight Casual - Black (Ash)

Styling Time: 10 minutes
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Added: 26 Jun 2015
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: The sides and back of this dark 'do is jagged cut to achieve a choppy look and feel to the edges. The top is smoothed down flat to contour the head for a low-fuss finish. This hairstyle needs product to pinch through the ends and regular trims every 4-6 weeks to maintain style. Malinda Williams is looking chic and trendy here in her modern take on the bowl cut. This head-turning do has a touch of eighties retro feel to it but is trendsetting at the same time. Malinda has an oval shaped face which is ideal for this cut. The straight across fringe area creates a frame for her eyes while the tapered sides blend in with her face shape nicely. This cut is ideal for ladies who want an edgy, no-nonsense 'do that works well with straight hair. Malinda’s color is a glossy jet black shade that looks fabulous with her dark skin tone and deep brown eyes. Malinda could pull off lighter brown and even dark blond shades with her skin tone, but looks best with her natural black hair color. This creates a striking contrast and makes her eye color pop! This color also gives her a glossy finish and makes her hair look extra healthy. Malinda Williams is an American actress who has appeared in many films such as A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

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