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Medium Straight Casual - Medium Brunette (Chocolate)

Styling Time: 20 minutes
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Added: 04 May 2015
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: Cool and casual is the main idea for this hairstyle. The ends of this medium length 'do is jagged cut to achieve textured ends. The top and bangs are parted on the side making this a great style to complement a long face for any casual occasion. A little product is needed to tame fly-away hair. Lindsay Sloane is working the messy bob look here with fantastic results. Her layered bob with an eye-skimming fringe makes her eyes pop and creates a frame for her gorgeous face! This is a good hairstyle for women with medium to fine hair like Lindsay, who want some extra body and volume in their ‘do. Her barely there waves can be created with a blow dryer or curling wand, and a little finger styling is all that is needed to create her cool messy finish. This short hairstyle is great for Lindsay’s oblong face shape as it camouflages a high forehead and balances out excess length in the face. Lindsay’s color has a subtle ombre effect to it, going from a deep espresso brown color at the roots to a reddish brown at the tips. This works nicely with her cool, fair complexion and it brings out her rosy cheeks. Lindsay Sloane is an American actress known for her work on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. She is currently starring as Emily in the CBS series The Odd Couple.

Long Straight Casual Half Up - Dark Brunette

Styling Time: 30 minutes
Added: 24 Nov 2014
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,heart,triangular
Description: Teasing at the roots of this style adds lift and body at the crown with the help of pinning back the top half. The jagged cut bangs are smoothed down to frame the top of the face and soften the face and complete the over-all look perfectly. This is an easy hairstyle to create at home and needs a small amount of product for shine and hold.

Long Wavy Casual - Dark Brunette (Ash)

Styling Time: 20 minutes
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Added: 21 Jul 2014
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,heart,triangular
Description: This ombre hairdo is blunt cut at the length and left out to fall over the shoulders showing off the subtle natural movement through the mid-lengths to ends. The top is smoothed down flat and parted down the middle making it a great casual style to frame a round face. Only a small amount of product is needed for shine and regular trims will help prevent split ends.

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