Linda Cardellini Hairstyles in 2018

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Long Wavy Formal

Styling Time: 30+ minutes
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Added: 28 Feb 2016
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: This stunning 'do is pulled to the side to fall over one shoulder showing off the sexy waves dressed through the mid-lengths to ends for shape and movement. This is a great look for any day or night occasion and easy to re-create at home with the right tools and product. Linda Cardellini is looking sensational here with a long, wavy hairstyle. Linda has a square face with a stronger jawline and high forehead. By adding some waves and layers below her chin, she softens the angles of her face. The waves also work to add movement through the ends. Linda wears her hair over one shoulder and adds a deep side part with a little height at the crown which finishes off her sexy, glamourous look. Linda is a natural brunette with amber brown eyes and a medium complexion so she suits brown and golden blonde hair colors the best. Although she has gone blonde in the past, Linda looks fabulous with her dark tresses. Here she sticks with a dark chocolate brown shade with lighter highlights to create an overall rich golden brown hue. This colour makes her skin glow and her amber eyes pop. Overall, Linda looks healthy and radiant. Linda Cardellini is an American actress and voice actor. She is known for her roles on Freaks and Geeks, ER, and Velma Dinkley in the live-action Scooby-Doo feature films.

Long Straight Formal - Dark Brunette

Styling Time: 30 minutes
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Added: 25 Apr 2013
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: Jagged layers are cut through the sides and back of these brunette locks to lighten the length, then blow-waved to add movement through the mid-lengths to ends and worn over one shoulder for sexy look and feel. This fab hairdo is easy to create at home with the right tools and products.

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