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Hilarious actress Kristen Wiig has more going for her than her career (that's on fire). She's also a fashion and beauty inspiration to many women around the world who love her laid-back NYC-inspired sense of style. While she keeps her makeup minimal and only uses it to enhance her features, she does like to experiment with her hair color. Let's check out Kristen Wiig's hair history and see what suits her best. What look do you prefer for Kristen? Is she better in auburn, brunette or copper? Or, is Kristen meant for her "Bridesmaids" blonde?

View yourself with Kristen Wiig hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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Kristen Wiig Short Straight    Blonde   Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs
The back and sides of this hairstyle is tapered into the head with jagged cut layers through the top styled over to the side for a fun and fresh feel....
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Kristen Wiig Short Straight    Champagne Blonde   Hairstyle
The length of this easy hairstyle is blunt cut and sits perfectly to frame the jaw-line with the top parted on the side making this a great low-fuss look to...
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Kristen Wiig Short Straight    Blonde   Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs
This short fancy 'do is jagged and/or razor cut through the ends to achieve a textured and wispy look and feel. The top is parted on the side and swept...
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Kristen Wiig Long Wavy    Copper Red   Hairstyle
here Kristen has lightened up to a soft copper shade that looks fantastic with her skin tone and bright blue eyes. This shade warms her complexion up and looks natural...
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Kristen Wiig Medium Straight   Dark Mocha Brunette   Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs
This casual hairstyle has layers jagged cut through the mid-lengths to ends to give this simple style a shaggy look and feel best suited to balance out a long face....
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Kristen Wiig Long Wavy    Chocolate Brunette   Hairstyle
Kristen goes for an ashier color that looks much better with her skin tone. This natural-looking golden brown gives her complexion a fresh, peachy look and her eye color is...
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Kristen Wiig Long Straight    Chocolate Brunette   Hairstyle
Smooth and simple is the main idea for this look. Only long layers are cut around the sides and back to lighten the length and encourage soft movement to the...
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Kristen Wiig  Medium Wavy   Dark Chocolate Brunette   Hairstyle   with  Brunette Highlights
Kristen looks almost unrecognizable in this deep auburn shade with fiery red highlights. While it makes her hair look super shiny, it is too rich for her skin tone and...

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