View yourself with Kimberly Caldwell hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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This is a very fun hairstyle! Kimberly Caldwell is showing us that blondes really do have fun with this funky hairstyle. The cut is gorgeous because it frames her face nicely. The curls in the hair not only give volume and shape to this look but it can also help if you have thinning out hair. The volume will create the illusion that your hair is fuller than it really is. Make sure that your style your curls tight in the morning so that by the end of the day you still have waves and shape in your hair. Finish off your hairstyle with hairspray to lock in those locks and you are good to go. You are going to need to cut your hair once every 6 weeks or so to ensure that your hairstyle stays in shape and ensure that your ends stay healthy.

When it comes to your makeup application, you want to go with an in-your-face evening look. Smokey eye always looks nice at night. Add some natural-looking false lashes that will make your eyes pop more which will make your eyes the focal point on your face. Pastel lip colors are trending at the moment and you can finish off your look by highlighting and contouring your face and neck area to create the illusion of a perfect oval face shape. You are now ready for your night out on the town!

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This might be a casual hairstyle but Kimberly Caldwell looks like a million bucks! There is so much going on in this hairstyle that we are just loving! Her hair parted to one side helps to open her face as well as frame her cheekbone area on the other side. The subtle curls give this hairstyle life and much-needed movement. It also helps to frame her neck area. Let us not forget about the natural-looking highlights that pop in her fringe area. You are going to love this new hairstyle! Finish off this style with a bit of hairspray to lock in those locks and you are good to go.

You are going to need to cut your hair once every 4 weeks or so to ensure that your ends stay healthy and your hair stays in shape. Frequent haircuts will also help your color stick better to your ends. You are going to need to touch up your every 6 weeks or so to ensure that your color stays vibrant.

When it comes to your makeup application, you want to make sure that your makeup matches your new hairstyle. You want natural makeup with a gorgeous glossy lip. Do not forget to highlight and contour your face and neck area. Now you are ready to look like a million bucks when you are out with your friends!

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This fab 'do is best suited for the bold and brave. The sides are cut asymmetrically to achieve an uneven look which will suit any long face shape. The shorter layers through the top enhances the waves and adds height for a brilliant finish.

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This creative look will turn any head thanks to the brilliant shape, look and over-all finish. The top layers are swept over to one side to unbalance the style for a wild finish.

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Sexy layers made this hairstyle work well for Kimberly Caldwell at the American Idol Top 13 party. The combination of short and long layers all over gives this look body, volume and creates shape, while choppy bangs added at the front frame the face and complete the look stylishly.

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This straight razored bob was a great choice for Kimberley at the American Idol Top 12 Finalists' Party. Her hair was parted to the side and slight side bangs were added to fall into her lengths. This look is ideal for longer face shapes and larger foreheads as it can help to minimise the appearance of a larger forehead. The razored ends and layers of this style gives the hair a textured look and adds body to the style.