Julie Klausner Hairstyles in 2018

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Medium Straight Casual - Medium Red

Styling Time: 30 minutes
Added: 19 Aug 2015
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,diamond
Description: This medium length 'do is blow-waved to add body to the roots while turning the ends under to create this full bodied style best suited to compliment a long face. The bangs are smoothed down to frame the top of the face and completes the over-all 'do brilliantly. Julie Klausner looks gorgeous here in a voluminous radiant red bob. This hairstyle is ideal for her diamond-shaped face as it frames her eyes and cheekbones and balances out her strong jaw line. Julie has a strong bone structure so the large curls in this ’do work nicely to soften up her look. The arched fringe works especially well for Julie as it sculpts her face into a more oval shape and adds body and volume all over. This hairstyle is ideal for women with thick hair. When it comes to her color, Julie is a true redhead who likes to experiment with shades of copper tones, deep reds and auburn. Here, she is going for a medium warm red tone that works well with her ivory skin tone and green eyes. This vibrant color works best without highlights and gives the hair a glossy finish. Julie Klausner is a New York City-based author, pod-caster, and comedy writer-performer.

Long Wavy Formal - Light Red (Copper)

Styling Time: 30+ minutes
Added: 09 Aug 2015
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: This red mane is blow-waved beautifully to give the over-all look plenty of body and volume making this a fantastic 'do to complement a long face. The bangs are swept across the forehead to soften the face and completes the whole look brilliantly. Product is needed to keep this hairstyle in place all day or night. Julie Klausner flaunts a ravishing red ‘do here that is guaranteed to turn heads. This voluminous ‘do is ideal for her fine hair texture that needs an extra boost to avoid falling limp. The large curls and backcombing at the roots ensure that Julie’s hair has extra body throughout while giving the illusion of added thickness. Julie has an oval face shape with a strong chin area, which benefits from the soft layers and styling around the face. The side swept fringe creates a nice frame for her eyes and works well with her small forehead. Julie has the ideal complexion for red hair, which is fair and cool. The rosy undertones of her skin are complimented by this hair color, plus it highlights her green eyes nicely. Highlights aren’t required with this rich red shade that looks best on its own. Julie Klausner is a New York City-based author, podcaster, and comedy writer-performer.

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