Iman Hairstyles in 2018

View yourself with Iman hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

Short Straight Formal - Medium Brunette (Chocolate)

Styling Time: 10 minutes
Added: 11 Nov 2015
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: This stunning 'do is smoothed down to contour the head for a flat and glossy look and feel. This short sexy 'do is perfect to frame a long face and perfect for those wanting a hairstyle to complement a long face. Product is needed for shine and hold and regular trims will help maintain shape. Iman goes for a gorgeous vintage inspired look here with this chic pageboy bob with a modern twist. Iman has an oval face shape with a fabulous bone structure, making her suited to short styles that show off her facial features. This slicked down bob has a Twenties era feel to it with the cheek-length cut and deep side part. Iman has slicked her hair down with styling gel to create a Flapper style ‘do which hugs her face and brings all of the attention to her stunning features. Iman has tried all sorts of colors in her hair but she is best suited to dark brown and black hair thanks to her warm, dark complexion and dark eyes. Here, she goes for a dark chocolate brown base color with lighter golden brown highlights throughout. This gives her complexion a warm glow and it brings out her eye color nicely. Iman is a Somali-American fashion model, actress and entrepreneur. A pioneer in the field of ethnic cosmetics, she is also noted for her charitable work. She is married to David Bowie.

Medium Wavy Formal - Black

Styling Time: 30+ minutes
Added: 20 Apr 2011
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,square,diamond
Description: This elegant hairstyle sits beautifully on the shoulders showing off the graceful waves added to the mid-lengths to ends to form this formal hairstyle which is great for those looking for a head-turning style to compliment a long face shape.

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