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Anna Lynne McCord is an American actress and former model. Known for playing vixen-type roles, McCord first gained prominence in 2007 as the scheming Eden Lord on the FX television series Nip/Tuck, and as the pampered Loren Wakefield on the MyNetworkTV telenovela American Heiress. AnnaLynne is a favorite in fashion circles for her natural beauty, polished fashion sense and of course, that hair! She has tamed her wild locks down recently, but curly or straight, AnnaLynne's hair is always a head turner. Straight or curly, blonde or brown, AnnaLynne's hair always looks fabulous! Let's take a look at her hair history in closer detail.View yourself with AnnaLynne McCord hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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21 AnnaLynne McCord Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors - Visual Story

Long Wavy Blonde Hairstyle with Light Blonde Highlights

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Celebrities are known as the fashion icons when it comes to beauty, cosmetics, and haircuts. AnnaLynne McCord isn't any different. This 'do has been fashioned with loose flowing curls to...

Long Curly Light Ash Blonde Hairstyle

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Natural curls are the focus of this hairstyle and give it bounce and movement. There is no part but instead a casual windblown look and with the body and volume,...

Long Straight Blonde Hairstyle

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These locks are left to fall over the shoulders showing off the soft waves dressed through the mid-lengths to ends for shape and softness. This low-fuss look is easy to...

Medium Straight Golden Blonde Hairstyle

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These golden blonde locks are blow-waved perfectly to add body and lift at the crown while smoothing down the front. The ends are pinched with product to give them a...

Long Straight Blonde Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs and Light Blonde Highlights

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This stunning 'do is styled to the side, showing off the sexy waves dressed through the mid-lengths to ends for shape and movement. This is a great look for any...

Long Straight Dark Blonde Hairstyle

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These glossy locks are blow-waved perfectly to smooth out the length and to show off the beautiful layers sliced through the front for shape and texture. This lovely style is...

Long Wavy Dark Blonde Hairstyle with Light Blonde Highlights

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These highlighted locks are left out to fall over one shoulder showing off the loose movement through the mid-lengths to ends. This low-fuss hairstyle is best suited for those with...

Long Wavy Dark Brunette Hairstyle

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These gorgeous long locks are dressed in waves through the mid-lengths to ends adding plenty of bounce and movement to the over-all style. This look is easy to re-create at...

Long Straight Chestnut Brunette Hairstyle

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It seems that AnnaLynne prefers straight hair these days as her most recent look (seen here) is sleek and sophisticated. It also seems that AnnaLynne prefers a shade of hair...

Long Straight Light Golden Brunette Updo

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This elegant updo is great for those with long locks looking for an upstyle that is easy to create and will hold all day. This is also best suited for...

Long Curly Light Ash Brunette Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

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The combination of medium to long layers cut through the back and sides of this style encourages the bounce and body of the curls added from root to tip. This...

Long Curly Golden Blonde Hairstyle

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This golden blonde mane has a combination of short to long layers cut all through the top, sides andback to create this full bodied do which is great for those...

Long Straight Champagne Blonde Hairstyle

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Fast-forward a few years and AnnaLynne begins to flaunt sleek styles on the red carpet. Her layered wheat blonde locks look fabulous with her warm skin tone and blue eyes....

Medium Wavy Hairstyle

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This dazzling 'do is layered around the edges to enhance the waves added to the mid-lengths to ends which soften the over-all shape and style. This delightful look is best...

Long Curly Dark Blonde Hairstyle

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This full bodied hairstyle is best suited for those with long face shapes. Long layers are cut through the edges to balance out the fullness and width.

Long Curly Hairstyle

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This is an elegant hairstyle great for any special occasion. Medium to long layers are cut through the sides and back to allow the curls to bounce up and create...

Long Curly Light Golden Blonde Hairstyle

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AnnaLynne goes Eighties here with full on, frizzed out curls and lots of layering. Not many people could pull this rock chick look off, but AnnaLynne looks right at home...

Long Wavy Hairstyle

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This is a soft sexy 'do for AnnaLynne who showed off her stylish layers in big stunning waves. This is easy to re-create with the perfect blow-dry and suits any...

Medium Wavy Dark Golden Blonde Hairstyle

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AnnaLynne McCord also knows how to work her curls into gorgeous evening styles. Here, her golden vintage waves ooze sophistication. And just look at that shine! Soft layers around the...

Long Straight Hairstyle

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AnnaLynne McCord smoothed-out her mane for <em>Hollywood Life's</em> 5th Annual Hollywood Style Awards. Her medium length hair was complemented by shaggy layers, cut through the back, that created body and...

Medium Curly Hairstyle

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AnnaLynne McCord's curls attracted plenty of attention at Spike TV's Scream 2008 Awards. Her medium to long layers created body and bounce that was well balanced through the back and...