Miley Cyrus hairstylesApparently Miley Cyrus does pilates. I say "apparently" because I'm quite convinced it's not true and she just wants us to believe it (and was intentionally snapped outside a pilates studio in Toluca Lake in her tracksuit pants and flip flops in an attempt to convince us of the impossible). Or, she's trying to do pilates but her heart really isn't in it— like she's trying to do it because she thinks it's the right thing to do for her health or something.

There's no way Miley Cyrus really does pilates. I mean, consider for a moment the type of person that is in interested in pilates. First, they're usually fanatical vegans. Second, they're often greenies who ride bicycles with "one less car" stickers stuck on the frame (or at the very least their casual clothing of choice is fisherman's pants from Thailand). And third, folk who like pilates are usually serious health freaks; I mean, pilates is an intense core-strengthening pastime and you wouldn't care about your core or even know what it was if you weren't a massive health freak already.

I'm not in Miley's inner circle or anything, but my gut feeling is that she's not any of the things above (to be certain I Googled "Miley Cyrus healthy" and even though I discovered "Miley rides bicycles to keep fit" I'm still not convinced). I'm not saying that Miley is a lesser person or anything because she's a fake pilates devotee, I'm just saying she's not the real deal.

So, as a point of comparison, I came up with a list of 5 Celebrities Who do Pilates for Sure (in my completely ungrounded opinion anyhow):

  1. Matthew McConaughey
  2. Susan Sarandon
  3. Madonna
  4. Justin Timberlake
  5. Cameron Diaz

If you're still not convinced, imagine you're in a pilates studio in downtown LA or whatever. You look around at all the enthusiastic my-body-is-my-temple types in there. You see Matthew on the right with his shirt off wearing fisherman's pants, Madonna in front in black Lycra, and Justin Timberlake down back in shorts and a T shirt (looking just like the almost boring skinny tall white guy he is in real life). Susan Sarandon just pulled up on a bicycle wearing hemp gear and Cameron Diaz is talking about how good pilates is for her surfing. Now, look around and do a final double take. Do you see Miley in this room full of sensible health conscious celebrities at 7 am in the morning? Not a chance.