Miley Cyrus thinks that the Internet breeds negativity. She's of the opinion it spreads abuse and contempt. Miley Cyrus says the Internet makes people mean because they think they can get away with anything.

Miley Cyrus hairstyles“I just think kids all over the world could maybe take a little vacation from Cyberspace” she says on her official website, MileyWorld. “My problem with the Internet is it makes negativity so available. It allows people to anonymously hurt others without any consequences.” For Miley the Internet has deleted accountability and “that is not the real world.”

She's definitely onto something, don't you think? Isn't “cyber bullying” the catch phrase of late 2009? Some kids the world over seem to making a hobby out of being mean to their peers in cyberspace, and unlike a terrible day in the classroom you can't just shut your door on cyberspace; your virtual life is always there— it's with you every step of your real life.

But Miley's not just talking about cyber bullying— she's talking about the effects of the Internet in general. She's saying that people online, because they're “anonymous,” are too quick to be negative and rude. It's kind of the same as road rage and how people scream obscenities at fellow drivers from the protection of their (moving) vehicle; or the way those yappy poodle dogs are so tough and aggressive from behind the safe distance afforded by their picket fences.

Miley feels strongly about it. She's sick of being the object of harsh and unaccountable Internet scrutiny. She's been thinking of the Internet and the way it breeds negativity and contempt because she says she's craving more privacy herself. She doesn't want to be in the spotlight all the time, with the public scrutinizing every detail of her life— with her every step of every decision she makes.

So Miley canned her Twitter account.

Then, straight away, she made a music video blog where she's in the spotlight, explaining the personal details of her life and every step of the decision she just made to increase her privacy (and it has already been viewed 1,832,799 times).