Halle Berry you are a remarkable woman, actress, mother and hair guru. I want to especially thank you for making some things in my life—and many others’ lives too I’m sure—bearable. They might not seem like much, but it’s the little things that are sometimes the most important, don’t you think? Anyway, here we go: 3 things you make bearable:


1. The 80s (Rearing its Ugly Head Everywhere)

Halle Berry hairstyleHalle, your modern take on an 80s hairstyle makes the 80s bearable. I’m over 80s music at weddings, 80s films being remade, 80s fashion, and lame 80s themed parties. Gimme a break: the 80s sucked the first time round and now it’s just been turned into the massivest cliché. But Halle, your 80s hair I can cope with. It’s there, the 80s that is, in this hairdo’s gentle waves, Blondie-style fringe bangs and volume. But the layers, creating movement and flick, and your highlights through the front, add an extra little touch of spice, rescuing you from total 80s clichéd nostalgia. Thanks Halle.





2. Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob hairstylesBilly Bob Thornton is pretty unbearable. I mean, didn’t you see that “interview” he did with that Canadian radio station in April 2009? Talk about annoying, weird and embarrassing. But next to Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, Billy Bob’s bearable, maybe even cool. Thanks Halle.







3. James Bond Movies

Halle Berry hairstyleWhen I was a kid, James Bond movies were awesome. I couldn’t get enough of that Roger Moore fellow and that catchy James Bond tune just before the credits started rolling at the beginning. Then it all went sour for Bond: the movies were laboured, Pierce Brosnan was annoying, they seemed... dated and boring. And then Halle was on screen. Ouch! It was like a slap in the face. That bikini and that pixie haircut carried the whole film. Thanks Halle.

Once in a while an actor comes along who not only lights up the screen but makes some of the little things in our lives—the everyday things—bearable again. Halle Berry you are one such celebrity and I am eternally grateful.