Recently, there have been a slew of beautiful hairstyles on the red carpet. Although blonde has always been one of the most popular hair colours at these events, lately, black is the new…black! Singers, actresses and models are flaunting their black locks in a variety of styles, ranging from vintage and vampy to chic and modern. Black hair is not for everyone and requires a certain type of complexion to pull it off. Especially if black is not your natural colour, it can require a lot of extra makeup and fashion styling to make it work as well. On the plus side, black hair looks super sexy, shiny and seductive when styled right. Here are some of the best raven-black hairstyles, as seen on the red carpet recently.

The Vintage Vixen

Dita Von Teese hairstyle

Take a look at Dita Von Teese. This lady is actually a natural blonde! Although jet black would be too harsh for most other blondes to pull off, Dita pours a lot of time into creating an Old Hollywood image so the overall package works. She has confessed that she never leaves the house without her nails painted and is rarely (if ever) seen without bright red lippie on. Without all of this prep, Dita could easily looked washed out with black hair, like anyone with fair skin would. So, if you are a natural blonde who wants to go jet black, keep the increased overall makeup application and styling time in mind!

But back to Dita’s hair. This is an Old Hollywood screen siren look that never goes out of style. It can be achieved by first blow-drying the hair sleek and straight, and then setting it using rollers. After the curls have set, use a soft brush to blend them into this soft curled style. Finish it off with a pomade or shine serum—a must-have product for ladies who want their black hair to look oh-so-shiny! This is a sophisticated look for women who have a classic, sexy style.


The Chic Crop

Victoria Summer hairstyle

Victoria Summer looks oh-so-chic in this stylish cropped hairdo. Pixie cuts, and crops in particular, look fabulous in a jet black monochromatic shade as it keeps the focus on the cut and brings added shine to the ‘do. Victoria’s natural hair colour is not black, but through her smoky eye makeup and application of rosy blush, it doesn’t overpower her face. Like Dita Von Teese, Victoria’s raven-black hair paired with her fair skin gives her a porcelain doll-like effect. This is a sweet look for ladies who are chic and edgy.


The Modern Minx

Skylar Diggins hairstyle

Skylar Diggins added an ombre flare to her raven-hued hair here with fabulous results. Her hair graduates from a glossy jet black on top down to a light warm brown at the tips. This modern look is perfect for women with medium to dark skin tones that like a trendy ‘do. To style, Skylar added corkscrew waves through the lengths and ends with a curling wand, although this hairstyle would look just as good worn sleek and straight. This is a bold style for ladies who like to flaunt a youthful, fashion-forward look.