Summer is over for another year and that means it's time to pack away the beach boho waves and get into the swing of fall. There are many exciting hairstyle trends happening this season but one that is really standing out on the red carpet is polished waves - it's all about being prim and proper!

To get this look, first start by blow-drying your hair smooth and sleek. Then, use a curling iron or wand to create waves in uniform sections throughout. Spray each section after it has been curled to hold it in place, and only separate the curls minimally to keep this hairstyle in place. The goal is to look made up this season, rather than effortless. Polished waves suit everyone, and there are many ways to tailor it to suit your personal style. Here are some hairstyle ideas for you to consider this season!

Carrie Keagan Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Carrie Keagan looks stylish in polished blonde waves with pokey ends here. Carrie's medium length hair has been center parted then blow-dried sleek, before a curling wand was used to create waves in the mid-lengths of the hair. Both the roots and ends are left straight and give this hairstyle a funky finish. Carrie's buttery blonde hair colour is highlighted with these soft waves and overall, Carrie looks like one stylish chick!

Megan Hilty Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Megan Hilty shows us another variation of this hairstyle trend that would suit women with shorter, layered haircuts. Megan's polished waves were created by first blow-drying the hair with a round brush to add volume, and then using hot rollers to set the hair. A diagonal side part adds a nice touch, as does the smooth finish that is created by brushing through the waves to shape and sculpt them into place. This is the perfect hairstyle for women who like classic, sophisticated looks.

Julie Bowen Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Julie Bowen is rocking the polished waves trend here in her short bob with fabulous results. Julie's hair looks styled to perfection with golden blonde corkscrew waves that frame her face and step up her style game. Julie's hairstyle can be re-created at home by using a small to medium barrelled curling wand on small sections of hair to make ringlets from the root down. The waves have not been separated or combed out at all but are kept in perfect condition with a strong hold hairspray to keep them in place. This hairstyle will suit women with short hair who like bouncy,

Rachelle Lefevre Long Wavy Hairstyle

Rachel Lefevre looks ravishing here with her long, perfectly coiffed waves. She has nailed this hairstyle trend and her fiery red hair looks absolutely fabulous in loose, polished waves. This hairstyle can be created by first drying the hair straight and then adding a precision center part (another hot trend this fall). To get those picture-perfect waves, Rachel used a large barrelled curling wand to create loose waves in the lengths and ends. Her waves are slightly separated for volume but overall this look is polished to perfection!

This is one hairstyle trend that works for everyone and can be done in minutes with the right styling tools - give it a try this season!