Ewa Da Cruz and Adrienne Frantz hairstyles

Ewa Da Cruz puts Adrienne Frantz’s messy upstyle to shame with her stylish rendition.

Sex Kitten:

Julie Berman and Sandra Lee hairstyles

Julie Berman pulls off the perfect sex kitten look with her backcombed locks, while Sandra Lee’s version falls desperately flat.

Medium Length Curls:

Kirsten Storms and Heather Tom hairstyles

Kirsten Storms' curls enhance her sexy looking 'do, perfecting the mid-length look, while Heather Tom’s curls come off looking puffy with no definition.

Effort Put into the Hairstyle:

Wendy Williams and Lori Loughlin hairstyles

The feathered-effect and finish of Wendy William’s curls just screamed hours spent in the salon chair. Lori Loughlin’s hairdo, however, looked like she’d just rolled out of bed, ran a comb through her hair and hit the red carpet.

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