Emo hair is a big deal, believe me, people search for “emo hairstyles” all day long and I’ve got the statistics to prove it. Now, we've got an emo hairstyles gallery, and I've written a few things about emo hair styles. One thing that I’ve recently found out and I'd like to add to my previous definitions of “emo” is this:

 Emos are exceptionally sensitive about what the public (or anyone for that matter) says is “emo.” Futhermore, emos are incessantly fastidious- and some say obsessive- about the subtle differences between the various kinds of emo style. Apparently emos are highly skilled in the art of splitting hairs. Yet this is a skill that causes them undue distress and anger.

Don't believe me? Well check this out. All I need to do to incense an emo somewhere is say this: "Check out this example of an emo hair style":

Salon straight short hairstyles

Above: Emo Hairstyle Example

Ouch, I can hear the emo rage in the ether right now. Sure, our model’s smiling and kind of happy, but I’d have to say that this is an emo style nevertheless, and if you’re emo or you want to tune into your emotional side and start listening to Jared Leto and become emo, then consider a hairstyle like this.

It's a bob hairstyle, no doubt, but it’s black and asymmetrical and covering the eyes and it's got random slices of red color throughout. Put this hair on a sad looking female in black skinny jeans and battered Chuck Taylors and take a photo of them walking down the street in some cafe-obsessed boho inner-city suburb and bam: you've got emo.

I'm defining this as emo hair, even though the model in her pretty dress doesn’t look emo and probably isn't emo. But heck, who said you have to be something (like emo) in order to just subscribe to its style? No one.