Each new season of weather can bring changes, like frizz inducing rain in winter, which can wreak havoc with your hair!

So what's the best way to survive the colder seasons with your hair intact? Tailor your hair care routine to suit winter and to try out some of these great hair care tips and handy hints.

Winter Hair Care Tips

  • Use heavier hair products with more moisturizers during winter for a higher level of conditioning.
  • Just like the beginning of summer, the beginning of winter is the time to get rid of your split ends and damaged locks.
  • Protect your hair with scarves and hats.
  • Avoid hat hair by switching your part before putting on your hat and then flipping your hair back to your normal style once you take off your hat to retain lift and volume.
  • Use a serum to keep your hair smooth and to try and combat the frizz caused by air conditioning and central heating.
  • Winter weather and indoor heating will zap your hair of all moisture and leave you with lifeless, dull looking locks. Use a deep conditioning treatment with a warm wrap once a week to maintain moisture and try to give your hair an extra moisture boost whenever possible with moisture filled styling products and shampoos.
  • Keep up with your regular trims so that any damage as a result of winter weather dryness is taken care of.

You don't need avoid the outdoors when the weather gets too much. Just try a few of these simple tips to ensure your hair isn't beaten by the seasons.

If you've got any handy hints for maintaining your locks during the colder weather then be sure to leave any tips below.